Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Backpacking, Escaping With Jesus, Are You Ready?

-Article... Planet X and Jesus, what do they have in common? As you will soon see there is a definite connection. Some think Planet X is a hoax and part of a wacko conspiracy theory. So first let’s consider what Dr. Robert Harrington (Chief Astronomer Of US Naval Observatory) has to say about Planet X/Nibiru. Article, http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2017/03/look-out-here-comes-planet-x-and-jesus-too-2489888.html
Prophecy Link -Seen to seeing a scientific equation of planetary anomaly on either side of Jesus' name, 1990, coming with the stars of heaven, isn't He, destroying the Antichrist with it's brightness. right? -There's something about celebrities, especially Brad Pit, surely like most Americans being literally possessed into falsity, are they, are celebrities taking heed that God alone hath world reign? www.thelightofbeowulf2017.blogspot.com And When The Seventh Angel Sounded, All The Nation Grew Angry, Behold The Final Jihad! www.theparableoftherest2016.blogspot.com -Scientist, even astronomers, they are as from the beginning lying, they are murderers, see, hear and take heed by the senses God has given you, chicken little is right this time, the sky is literally falling. This Apostle, as Apostle John, have seen the heavens roll back like a scroll, and rain down upon the earth, see more here, (www.thephoenix1012.blogspot.com). Well, the stars are falling that is and not only so, I heard a voice over a decade ago lament and I quote, "I don't care what the heavens do anymore." No doubt this was the angelic territory spirit given to supervise the sky, now being released from his post, meaning all is now possible and all the heavens so deadly, see Rev. 7, whereas the winds are commanded. -Undoubtedly, said dangers being possible is why my deceased since 2012 spouse, forewarn us not to forget about dangers from above, equally it explain the vision of the stone cut out without hands, (see Dan. 2), of Jesus' Millennium 02/14/2015 having the surface of a meteor. Certainly this is why, well, while I'm heads over hills in love with God's living word, promises and prophecies because Elohim will never go back on them. Thus the Apostle Peter's inquiry, knowing this, that all that is man, beginning with US soil into all that is Western Rule is ending quite cataclysmically what manner of person ought you to be? -Jesus said any man who believe in him, though he be dead yet shall he live, how he will raise him up on the last day, that's of the church Age. This Apostle, into the Angel Gabriel 2004 can tell you now after these thousands of years is of a second by second countdown, come. whereas the way of the ungodly, (unrepentant), shall perish. This is why I encourage all righteous prayers don't try to petition what's been predicted these thousands of years away, such vanity, only that all repent, ALL!. Surely, truly learn a lesson from Jesus, and pray, God Will's alone be done, repent or perish, I mean you do trust Him, Right? -I tell you these vain prayers that something be done with man besides God's Righteousness is why there aren't enough of us summoning God's Kingdom be upon this mankind, which will begin with Jesus' Millennium. How is it there are those who can trust God with the temporal, (Mystery America days past), things seen, are instead double hearted, mind about trusting God with the eternal. Indefinitely, those blessed things not seen, know without faith it is impossible to please God, impossible, now as the dwindling church age cry, O Happy Day, O Happy Deity, beware as always, Apb, The RAM.

Commentor: I bet You Carry A Backpack

-Yeah, being an doomed American, don't you? For especially five years now, crying aloud unspeakable desolations are come, US soil, Western Civilization, even God's wrath commanding that all, America, Canada and Britain be finished into itty, bitty pieces, that all parents die by, that all transgender schools be finished. -So when Jesus' Resurrection take me first, at least I would've left something behind besides the teaching of Christ's Cross that all repent or perish, pray, pray, pray. Well, repent, so you are as well found worthy! But if not here's one really juicy tip, don't take the damning mark, hell alone await them, beware, Apb, see here, www.2016donottakethemark.blogspot.com

-I tried to comment to the prophet dream of seeing Obama change into a beast, since he included your video, please I comment to his here...as surely as the rapture is upon us, so is the Antichrist reveal, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6Z9pDPGfyc And When You Shall See The Abomination That Maketh Desolate, Flee! http://beforeitsnews.com/self-sufficiency/2017/05/this-is-not-hollywood-are-you-preparedone-of-the-last-major-warnings-concerns-of-major-west-coast-earthquake-growing-as-san-andreas-melones-and-elsinore-faults-spew-more-carbon-m-2518633.html

-I can't say how this man felt about Obama prior to this dream and that encouraged it, encouraged him having a dream whereas he witnessed Obama transform into the beast. I've shared how then Senator Obama, whom I didn't know, 2008, was described by Holy Spirits and I quote, as "The One." That once he because president, I heard a voice, lament and again I quote, "two weeks and seven years," that it was doing these exact times I witness two beast rise, one from land, one from sea, see Rev. 13, and nothing Western Civilization this world was ever again the same. -Now all expired or gone into further predictions as I witnessed further along a pending Cameron's Brexit and now a very temporal Trump Whitehouse, which is why I've deemed his, Trump's a Truexit, just as the Bride will escape, America will be evacuated, this present-day exodus. Though millions will escape, tens of millions will die some unto the resurrection of life with Jesus Christ, others into the resurrection of death, and hell, beware, beware beware! I guess the question we all should ask is why was Jesus' glorious Millennium shown most of all as that to miraculous celebration, invasion of peace on earth. Here now as the replacement particularly of Western Civilization deemed Obama's Whitehouse whose timetable did lapse into Antichrist Reign. This is will explain the various dreams one of Obama, one of First lady Obama and one recently of little girl named Miya, all as odd travelers along Dunlap Street, the beginning and what it seem is the end of Apostle's Ministry, the end of church age. We must reconsider the fact that the way that seem right to man, this American Dream. -Once portrayed as a predatory lending loan to all men. Just this sizable distraction of a leopard skin coat crying aloud this ancient inquiry of Heavens Father, "can the Leopard change his spots? I would say yes, but only by changing his blood, his DNA, ye must be born again, Jesus alone the way, truth and the life, get ye to Repentant Alters of Jesus. Jesus reappearance, has the wherewithal of Americans agreeing to build a border wall, when they need a protective dome it's entire circumference, when it's not's God's Wrath nor Nuclear missile ready, so a false sense of security still, crying peace and safety, and suffering nothing but sudden destruction. Then you as Trump wake up out of this nightmare whereas you just bombed Syria that's allied by Russia, increasing the probability of WW3, and it's now some of your greatest enemies Chess to a game of leaning Dominoes this world's inhabitants of a guess move. Only soon when you hear as out of Revelation 27, just this lament "And the ten horns (the beginning of the Antichrist wicked cabinet, 2017/18-2024/25), which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, (America great whore of religion). And shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire for strong is the Lord which judge her, and believe Apostle, this urgency to seize upon their equal enemy is visiting all their decision making right now, As Apostle said, they're all coming, the Asians/Russians, The Yellow-stones, The Nibiru's, The Greater Katrina's , EMP's, The CME, The Pale Horse Of A Black Death, I know, it seem over kill, but they're all things that must come to past, Jesus's Reign to God's Kingdom come. As Jesus said, pray the Father that you're found worthy to escape, only by the blood of Jesus is this remotely possibly, beware, got Him, got Jesus yet?

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