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What If D-Day

A Voice Declaring:  “Five more disasters, a horrible end to all things on the map 06/14/2013

The Occupation

     I was standing in my kitchen, I was preparing my grandson Caden and grandniece Lawren something to drink, when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, asking me, do they know, do their children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in a free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? 07/12/2010

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What If, D-DAY                                                                                                                    02/26/2014

     I started creating a new Newsletter this morning and as I did, the holy spirit began giving me this, I will share it word for word as he shared it this day of February 26, 2014

     Suddenly you hear a loud sonic boom, similar to when transformers explode, but this, this is something else, this is deeply concerning.

     “What Is that?” All around you people are showing concern, they’re checking their smart phones for information, they’re in the windows looking up, down and all around. Of course just as abruptly, heart panicking, racing, there’s another explosion, shaking the building profusely and just as soon a cloud of smoke, just to the north east and it is here, right here you realize those are bombs going off.

      Though how can that be? This is America, it’s not Iraq, or Syria?  You guess they’ve done it, finally North Korea, or Russia, or, those goddamn terrorist again. “They’re saying it’s Walmart, that there are explosions at various Walmarts around the country.”  “Various?”

     Looking past the windows, many people are coming out to see the clouds of smoke, pointing, talking and panicking, then everyone begin to receive this news all at once, this unbelievable, inconceivable, deeply disturbing news.

     Frightfully you can even hear the screeching cars of motorist becoming just as freaked out as so there are sirens now, loud, protruding and immensely suspenseful, that all around you others are grabbing their things, jumping into their cars and speeding away.

       “My sister just called me, said she was at Sam’s, said the building started shaking, first from the explosions, then from stampeding  people.  That people went horribly berserk grabbing everything, screaming, fighting, crying, said it sacred her so bad she thought she would be trampled to death or worse, she and the kids.  In her words, what the hell is going on?” 

     As one horribly easing into a seat most mesmerized, you know what’s going on, God knows you know, everything your prophet sister ever said, it’s the end, it’s war on American soil, and it’s the end. 

      “It’s happening, that out of a horrible, an intimidation unfathomable, churning and burning in the pit of your stomach at thinking it can’t be, war, invasions, massive death tolls unto massive forms of exodus on American soil, it just can’t be. “It’s just as she said, as my sister said, it’s happening, so where is this sister now? Seen as one eased intimidatingly into a seat, thinking please not now, not ever, not here and not now please, “she’d seen, or she’d been given so many various dreams, visions and even visits to heaven concerning this one event, most just laughed it off, now here we are like the Sodom and Gomorrah of the past, and millions will perish”    

     “So are we going to just sit here or what?” They’re reporting that churches are being attacked, that Jimmy Swaggart Ministry, and others like it is being evacuated right now because of bomb threats.” “We can all go but you know the streets will be a mad house, I only live a couple miles away, I’ll probably walk.” 

     "So what else did your sister say?” “Well to be honest my sisters entire thirty years ministry was about the fall of America and the free world, that’s all she ministered about daily, being hated for it, Ah my God, those sirens are enough to drive you crazy, and that, JESUS! Ducking down, as they all responded to another loud explosion, there was no doubt this was happening, that America for the first time since Pearl Harbor, since 2001, was under attack. 

     Clouds above bellowing with smoke, loud cries and panting of chaotic people, of helicopters and jets overhead, you're with your heart in your throat swallow uselessly sick to death at what it all mean.  "I always wondered about the sirens, are they the same as the tornado sirens, or something altogether different?” ”I always wondered that as well, then it sound like every police car, with sirens blaring are all responding.” {“Hello, I know,” as one answeringher phone, it was husband Maureese finally getting through to her, “we’re beginning to lose, no, no, I was at the laundry mat, yeah I know, Walmart, churches, no, no you don’t I’m walking, others with, I’ll be, no the traffic is terrible, you, no, you, no, stay were you are.”  
     “The car?” “Come on Reese the car is find, I mean really who cares about, …look Kell called, said she and the kids were at Sams, said all hell broke loose, scared her half, what, so they’re Asian?” Ingesting hard, sickly, this harsh, frightening reality, again making her stomach woozy, …what type of Asian, Japan, North, Russian troops?” “Aleck just called me said parts of New York skyline look and sound like star wars going on just over head, said he never been so horrified in his life.”

     “ I can’t believe this, I can’t freaking believe this, Oh and the Whitehouse, it’s in flames, the President, first Lady and first Kids all missing and presumed dead, dead?” “There’s no way Reese this thing caught them that unaware, maybe it did, ah God those kids, I think I’m gonna be sick, he was, he was being sick, he was fastening toward the bath, over the commode, bent, hacking and choking his insides up and out, sick.”

      “Are you ok,?” “It’s like what your sister prophesied in 2003, a burning Whitehouse, before they put it in that left behind movie, that’s all I been thinking about.”  “God Meek where are you?” “I can barely hear you, where am I?” “Only minutes from the house, don’t tell me you can’t hear all this madness going on, where are the kids?” “Bryce is the only one who really know what’s, ah god, ah god Meek, they’re saying people are missing.” “That there are massive amounts of accidents, of all kinds, planes down, cars going out of controls, buses, ah my god, I can hear it just outside, O Lord you better be, Meek, Meek, hello, hello you hear me, Meek!” 

     “Dad!” With his hands pressed hard over his ears preventing all the loud crashing, sirens and Helicopters overhead, perhaps even war planes.  "I lost contact with your mom, but she’ll be here soon, get your sister, find her shoes, her coat, we’re not going outside are we dad?” “Just outside, see if we see your mom, go, get your sister, get your coat too.  {“Mom, my god I’ve been calling forever, no the kids and I are here, Meek was at the laundry mat, on her way now.” “Mom, this could really get bad, well actually beyond bad, and I have these kids, how the hell, heck did we get caught his way?”
     “I’m sure many are asking that question right now, …here, talk to gramps, I’ll be right back.”  “Hey Gramps, hey honey bun, where’s your sister?” “Maddy, Maddy, gramps want you.”  “Gramps, why is all this bad stuff happening, it’s God, honey, He’s fixing to take the world back from really bad people and we’ll here because we didn’t believe.” “You went to church, didn’t you believe?” “Well not the way God wanted me to, with the heart, instead of tithes, churches and choirs alone.”} “Hey there Reese, you looking for Meek?” “Yeah man yeah, I saw her walking this way, man, I’m blessed I got home in one piece you know man, so many cars crashed.

      “So many burning, jammed into buildings, and other stores, man it was terrifying, police probably ain’t gonna let you stand out there you know, and now they’re talking about all sort of people are missing.” “You know, like that left behind movie, but churches are still here, and children.”  “You be careful down there man, “bringing himself to the corner of a main street that was adjacent to their street, it wasn’t long before he could see the massive chaos of what his neighbor was describing and much worse.  As stated by him, cars ran upon sidewalks, all kind of burning cars and houses, all kind of panic people, children, with ambulances that could get through everywhere. 

     “Meek! Can you here me?” Thinking he would cry out to her, maybe she would hear him, bring him closer to her, “Meek, please!” {“Hello, hello Meek, who is,”} as one calling her instead, were they all astonished they yet had phone service, what a blessing within itself.  {“Why are you answering my wife’s phone, where is she?” That out of a long pause, was Maureese left believing the worse. “Where is my wife?” “Hello, honey it’s me, what the hell is going on!” “I, we just missed a car Reese, ah my god we should be dead, I can’t believe it, ah my god am I still alive?” "It’s madder than mad out here, ah my God is Christ, I know, I’m standing on the corner, you can’t hear me calling you?”

      “No, I mean we’re held up by all these mangled cars, all the mangled people, …the kids Meek, are terrified,” remorseful but thankful she’d not disappeared with the others, it did cross his mind, though they weren’t good believers.  “They’re looking and waiting for you, I know, I’m getting there as quick as I can, my lord, Reese, I can’t believe what I’m seeing, I’m seeing it too and I can’t believe it either, what have we got ourselves into, not being ready?” “What, are, how do you get or be ready for this?” “By believing, by believing God.”  “All I can say Reese is we picked a fine tell to start believing him, yeah I know, but it could as well be the perfect time to start believing him.” Is that you I see?” 

     “Ah thank God that is you,” grabbing her into a plentiful hug, kiss, it was indescribable how good it felt to actually see her, even feel her again in his arms, “we better get back, you know your son, he’ll be out here looking for us soon enough.”  “Hey,” handing him a welcoming hand for the shaking, did the other two follow suit, having followed her straight home, “I’m Roger, …I am Me,me, …I am Joyce, but everyone call me Sadie, don’t ask me why.” {“No, as one calling home as well, did Roger regret trying to explain why he didn’t come home instead, “a few miles down the street, well it seem like the right ideal at the time.”  “No, they good people, god fearing, although most of us are now that all hell on earth has broken loose, well I was out there Ken man and it’s badder than bad.”   
     “I don’t know who, but somebody just got tired of her hypocritical, lopsided ways, that’s all, brought the war to her, to us.” “To be honest Ken man, they’re beginning to set up a type of Marshall Law, yeah all ready, that’s how they keep the freaking peace, it may be a while before they let me get home, I’m just saying."  "I tell you, I’ll wait an hour or so and call you back, love, I’m scared to, I don’t know try praying, no I’m not joking, I’ll see you soon, I promise, no just keep trying, yeah, later.” “Excuse me, what did they just say?” “There’s been major explosions in Baltimore, 
hundreds of thousands dead, that we’re being attacked on every front, land, sea and air, that right now the invaders have us.”  

 “No! No! No! Now with his hand over his head this mad man, there was no way this was happening, not in America, these kind of death tolls, this kind of bloodshed, not in America, that can’t be right, this is America man, this is America!”

     “So your sister predicted all of this? Because I don’t remember too many moneyed ministries reminding us constantly there would be wars on American soil.”  “Yes she did, there was this one dream they gave her in 2001, the intrepid dream she called it, it, …I know, I know, my god I read that, it predicted the end of America by 2016, the entire free world actually, with her realizing much later, that was when the Hussein White House would as well expire.” “That was your sister?” “Ah my God, that was your sister?” ”She was as insane as all the prophets and apostles of old, that is why I believed her, but I never could get Him, Ken to believe it, so I stayed more faithful to him.”

     “Ah my God, this person, this woman, I mean most refused to believe she was a woman most of all, I communicated with her in AOL believers boards for a couple years.”  “You know before they cancelled the board, I even thought their decision to cancel had a lot to do with her.”  “I mean she was eating our asses up, forgive my French, with end time events, you know she predicted the Hussein White House.  This was years before anyone actually, well while they were haunting Sadam Hussein down, she was putting him in the White House, and making him the greatest leader of the world, it was so insane it too was equally believable.” 

     “There’s someone at the door, it’s them, it’s the cops, what they want here, neither of you guys wanted right?” “Officers,” opening the door to them, was the entire street full of either police cars or military vehicles,” we sir need to see, are you the man of this house?” “Yes, yes I am, my wife is there, we have two children, a boy and girl, those, those are friends, I need to see whatever papers you have concerning this address, and I need to see everyone’s ID, including the kids.”  “So Officers what is happening?” “Well James Brown would say, The big payback!” “Not to alarm you folks more so, but they’re reporting that the eastern seaboard is mostly gone, as well as most of the people.”

     “Mira saw that, ”with tears wiggling automatically down her cheeks, along nearing nostrils, a sniff, a wipe of said cheeks, “madam?” As one cutting itching ears close, “My sister Mira, she said she saw the eastern seaboard burn up as far west as Tennessee, that she heard official discussing how the entire eastern seaboard was gone.”  “There was also something about the space center suffering tremendous damage, you mean Kennedy, that’s in our reports to."  "Here, here’s our mortgage papers, and everyone who live here ID, we had the kids some made newly a year ago, and you guys?” “We escorted Mrs. Parson here from the laundry mat, all three of you?”

     “Well your ID’s pan out, I’m going to tell you something possibly no one else will, those papers you have will protect you for now, but there are concentration camps.”  “Those made ready for any and all found living illegally, a cell per as many of Americans as possible…. Jargon! Let’s go, just you guys be aware…what, she saw that as well?” “Yeah, even celebrities weren’t exempt, I got to try and get home, you heard him, it’s as though, ….there will be, America is being invaded, she will be overcome by the enemy, …I remember that as well.”  “It was about a Caden, how they would grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America, right?” Right,” sniffing and wiping her nose into another spill, millions were missing, millions dead, with millions to go.”

      “I can’t believe it or I just don’t want to, for thirty years she warn us, for thirty years, God help us, now it’s unfolding just as she predicted.” “Yeah, well I’m wondering how long will we have power, phones and internet service, we have to admit this has been a bit more tolerable since we’re not as yet in the dark.”  Sadie, your thoughts?” “Well I’m just thinking, how much money do you have?” Huh?” “A penny for my thoughts, remember?” Ah,” as one searching immediately into his pockets, at settling the proposed purchase, this play on words, “well did she, your sister know where to go to be safe?” “No, not in America, in the fly over by holy spirits she saw the entire country from coast to coast be destroyed, there was nowhere to go, even the report about Baltimore, she had a dream about that.”

“ In the dream, she said it was as though she was standing outside a nightclub, and she heard someone say, his name is Ci-Buna, that her name was Balt----ti----More, this is how it was said, that it took her moments before she realized it was making reference to a city in America, Baltimore, …wow man, wow.”  “My sister pretended mass exodus out of this country because she’d seen so many in her dreams, the greatest one she pretended involved the entire free world. Those escaping into parts of Africa on what she called Mega ships, transformers, cruise ships that could transform into arks or, even subs, …ah now, what a minute.”  “Now you’re talking the movie 2012, yeah, only she created the same scenario about 15 years prior, and shared it on line, she shared all her work on line.” 

     “Ah my God, those thieving bastards, so they made mockery of her prophecies and laugh themselves all the way to the bank by using them in their blockbuster movies?” “Exactly.”  “Though, you said make believe, I know what you're thinking, but she had a dream a few years ago, in the dream this African gentleman awaken her from her sleep, brought her out of the tent, and showed her all the American refugees that were pouring into the Island African city. Of course when our niece announced recently she was marrying an African and moving to Africa, just how do think that made her feel?” “

     "Ah my Christ, I think I’m going to be sick again, holding his stomach at easing instead into a seat, …you thinking what I’m thinking?” "If you thinking we need to get to her house, get hold to as much of her work as possible, of her printed work, yeah, …how far from here you think?” “About two, two and a half miles,  …The African Juttah, that’s what she called it, right?” “This massive escape by the world into mostly south east Africa, yeah, it was for the saints, naturally married saints, with the non-believers poured into African Island Madagascar, yeah, that was it.”  “Juttah, meaning extension, because it was all based on God awarding the young marriage worshipers an extension of grace, some 20 years, which began their exodus.

     Truly without her planning it like so, which is remarkable, because sixteen years after their birth in 1996, would make them the class of 2012.”  “As so their exodus in the year of 2012, remember, my sister didn’t know nothing of the Mayan prophecy, nor did she really deal with years, the year 1996 is possibly the only one you’ll find in the work.”  “They were born 1996, with the young American Juttah going under attack sixteen years later, ok, ok,, I don’t think I can bear any more." "Wait, wait, you said it was pretended for twenty years, well what do you get when you add 20 years to 1996? What, what do you get?” “Ah my Christ, ah my Christ, you get 2016, you get what was calculated from the 190 months of the intrepid dream, you did say pretend right?” “Yeah, but inundated with most of the prophesies given her, as so this astronomical belief and faith of hers.”

      “What is smelling so good?” As one getting up, making his way to the kitchen, where they all beginning to grasp the reality America would never be the same possibly into a national to international exodus.”  “So how, I mean I wouldn’t even know what an American exodus would look like, yeah but a couple of hours ago we didn’t know what an invasion on American soil would be like either.”  “Africa, that’s off the southeast coast right?” “So everyone would migrate south east first and on, off to Africa, I mean if this was your sisters make believe story, yeah with Mega Ships ready and awaiting the escapees, again if this was her make believe story.” 

     “What are you thinking?” “That babe if this was a dream I would’ve awaken from it long ago,” seeing he’s to sniff and wipe away tears, had it been a long time since she’d seen her husband this distraught, even this frighten to death.  “But it can’t be real, did you hear him?” “He said the eastern seaboard, Martha’s Vineyard and all, it’s all gone, that hundreds of thousands, even Meek possibly millions of people, of Americans are gone, just like that."  "Remember how fast it all changed in her dream, in the intrepid dream, in only seconds what had been for hundreds of years was all over, just like that as you say." “I’m going to go start packing, we get to Mira place as soon as we can, and we stay there until we figure things out, yeah but what about what the officer said, I mean how do we legitimize her place, you know prove we’re to be there, how?”

     “Ah Christ Meek, I didn’t think about that, and we have to, we have to think about everything and the consequences those decisions are to bring, especially having kids.”  “I know I’m her sister, but that only legitimizes me, I hear you, but they did stamp our papers, maybe just that stamp alone will protect us momentarily …hey you guys, I’m gonna go.” “Try to get home if they let me, maybe I can use this stamp, ok man whatever you think is best, just don’t end up at one of those camps, that’s all I’m saying.”  “We’ll going too, we all live in the same vicinity, so, what you guys gonna do in case we want to find you all again?” “What Roger did you say, if there’s to be such an exodus people need to migrate south east right?” 

     “Right, but did we hear?” ”Most of it's gone, or it's in flames, yeah, what do we have to lose really?” “Our unbelief has placed us in such peril, I guess it’s time to try out our faith, I’ll grab Ken, and some way Reese man we’ll meet you guys there.” “Twelve days, once we get there we’ll wait twelve days, so you call us when you’re ready to leave, and we’ll mark the hour from there, alright man, bringing him into an appreciative hug, bringing them all in likeness, whether they would see each again was all in God’s hand now, all in HIS hand. Beware, APb, The RAM...