Thursday, May 18, 2017

Repent And Live!

Article, "Repent And Live," Article,

     -Seen to be seeing the two part word, even the mightiest of forewarnings, even a banner wearing "WEATHER ALERTS!"
     -And I Heard In My Hearing "kill all parents by," I pause here as I don't remember the year, 2015 is past, we're in 09/21/2016, with an extinction Level Event possibly a yelloswtone eruption, pending October 2017, Beware, Apb
weather alert

     -The day of falling out of your bed to knees of prayers, see Joel 2, Jeremiah's Lamentations, into Rev. 18, see,

     -I explain when I in the mid nineties was shown this bringer of death, that I witness the earth just open up to and out it death leaped out mightily victorious. How I knew so little about the sins America, the West was being accused of having, Abominations and detestation upon their lives, lands and churches, again what was described as Abominations and Detestation upon their lives., lands and churches, for they, Americans had forsaken God.
     -It's why here recently, I witnessed the word TREASURES, as it was all black and blasted, heard a call now only that parents be killed, but that all schools be finished, and if you think you have a time still to commit such evil, how, just the other morning, not only did I hear a voice lament get to repent alters, God is avenging martyred blood, I also witnessed as a word puzzle, the word now being  moved about until it come to rest along said of the word Judgment, as in Judgment Now!
    -As you look at this phenomena video, remember the Apostle John being told, how our sins have reached unto God, and God hath remembered our iniquities. Also consider how much time and work goes into these kinds of videos, I so thank it's creator. This is why Holy Spirit point out so clearly doing the death rider vision, how great sins are spread wide, the home, treasured assets, and mass assembly.
     Surely, all of which I've witnessed great beast tearing at, yes, I looked recently and I witnessed a great beast tearing from the pulpits into the pews which were all made vacant, thank god, it's Jesus' warning from the beginning how all things gone before are thieves and robbers, how Satan, (Mystery America), hath come, but for to steal, to kill and to destroy,
     -Jesus say my father work hitherto and I work, which will explain even moments into the great gathering I or we as the Bride, I was sitting at my work desk, warning people not only about an end that hath come, but the tribulation Jesus threaten whoredom with, even their children with death, not resurrection, except they repent. This is when a Caden/Cameron type approached, a Caden as the come rapture, a Cameron as a come end to Western Civilization into the most prophesied days of Jacob's troubles.
     -The videographer here is reminding us of evil days that have come, that are here, those that are more than knocking on yours doors. Though is it become your most trusted enemy not only in your bed, those of your children, even their hearts. Though sitting your dinner table, your pulpits your pews all, your pastors, politicians and instructors, Unendingly, all that have breath on this planet are being called on to perish or repent. Come Into The Salvational  Ark, (Jesus Christ), Earth Ending Desolations Begin, see Ephs. 6:11-18, see

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